Getting Started

Provision a Program

New Program

Once you have successfully signed up for Ironforge, you're ready to setting up a new program. Select New Program to start.

Screenshot of New Program page

Select Method

The first step is to select a method to add your program.

Screenshot of Select Method

Ironforge offers three methods to add a new program.

  • Import an existing GitHub repository
  • Use the Program address to search for the IDL
  • Upload the IDL

Screenshot of three methods to add program

In the example below, we use the Program address to search for the Jet Staking program IDL.

Screenshot of Candy Machine address example

Configure Program

The next step is to configure your program. Here you can update the program name, add a description, and optionally add an Anchor Program Registry URL. Once you are ready, select Deploy.

Screenshot of Configure Program page


The final step is program deployment. Ironforge will provision a globally distributed and highly scalable infrastructure for you.

Screenshot of Deploy page (loading)

Once the deployment is complete, follow the link to access your program interface.

Screenshot of Deploy page (complete)

Program Interface

In the program interface, you will find the REST APIs Ironforge has generated for your program and additional features that Ironforge offers. Explore the documentation for details of each feature.

Screenshot of Program Interface